About  Us.

Art has no boundaries. In this current era of technology, there are immense possibilities to create outstanding art pieces with the combination of art and technology. All you need is a creative idea and a prolific medium to convert it into unique art piece. At this stage of workmanship ‘ARTORIUM’ enters the picture.

‘ARTORIUM’ is the ultimate destination for possibilities of creating wonders by utilising art and technology combination by our visionary artists, who are enthusiastic to convert anyone’s dream design concept into reality by various means of tools and creativity.

Though there are many art pieces of your liking available in market, they might not fit your budget or may not be exactly as you want it to be. ‘ARTORIUM’ will customise your art pieces as per your requirement and within limits of your budget. ‘ARTORIUM’ opens tremendous possibilities of various kind, multiple sizes and discrete designs and that too tailor made as per your individual preference. So, give wings to your creative imagination and step in to ‘ARTORIUM’ to get the art piece of your choice.

‘ARTORIUM’ offers a wide range of products under following categories.

1   Printing

We do HP LATEX printing on various kind of media like Leather, Vinyl, Trans light, Backlit and many.
With us you can get wall paper printed in tune with interiors of your premises. Whether it be the sofa colour or furniture patterns or even flooring.
With possibility of leather printing you can even design your sofa and chair leather to suit your interior design concept.

2   Laser Crafted Products

Laser cutting with precision, on wood and other objects to create varieties of art pieces like,
· Wall Clocks of various shapes and sizes
· Night lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps
· Decorative wall pieces, table pieces and splendid artefacts.
Along with wide selection available at our store, we give shape to your imagination too.

3   Canvas Printing

Yes, canvas is not meant only for painting, we can print on it too. With a large stock of prints related to various subjects like natural scenes, geometrical patterns or abstract art, we also print images of your choice on canvas that resembles a perfectly painted piece of art that cannot be easily differentiated.
Using photo restoration technique, we can revive and make canvas paintings look alike of your old photos or images.
Get all of this done as per your requirements of various shapes and sizes.

4   Signage

Signage displayed, reflects the nature of your business. High quality printing on signage’s makes it impressive. You can count on us for business enhancing supportive items like trans-light, backlit, LED and acrylic board along with flex banner signage’s with creative concepts.

5   Crafting on Marble or Stone

At ‘ARTORIUM’ we craft your designs on marble or stone meant to decorate your floor or wall. This too, will be customised as per design and matter you wish to craft on it.
Murals and statues of distinctive taste by apprehensive talent is an added service provided by us.

6   Personalized Gifts / Gift Boxes

From smaller to larger size and quantity of items like, coffee mug, pillow cover, table clothes, key chains and lots of other gift items we will print your own pic on them and even craft photo frame as per your designs.
We even create personalised gift boxes to be presented during various social functions like marriages, birthdays and corporate events.

As one can create personalized art pieces as per specific requirements, it makes ‘ARTORIUM’ an ideal place for Architects, Interior designers, advertising agencies, corporate houses, builders, students or any organisations in need of bulk or individual requirement. Looking for something different and unique, something creative and something that is specially crafted for you to convert your imagination to an art pieces ? Then ‘ARTORIUM’ is the perfect place for you. Make sure to visit our store and discuss various possibilities of art works which we can create for you. Tremendous Possibilities of creative artwork available at reasonable rates under a single roof called ‘ARTORIUM’. Do visit us to satisfy your imaginary urge of creative items and amaze yourself.